John Roett, 2022 Awardee

President George presenting to John Roett
(President George Connolly (left) presenting to 2022 Awardee John Roett)

John Roett is known for his unlimited unwillingness to share his experience and knowledge as a professional musician with younger artistes and for his many philanthropic efforts towards helping those in medical and financial need, and the provision of thousands of food hampers for the less fortunate.

Michael Young, 2022 Awardee

Michael Young with awards
(Michael Young, 2022 Awardee with his awards)
As a marine service provider, Michael Young taught swimming and diving skills to those from all walks of life. Scores of differently abled individuals have also received life sustaining social and aquatic skills through his 6 week Summer Camp Aquarius. 
With the support of his family and friends, he is viewed as the adoptive parent by a few challenged youth within the community.

Ronald 'Tony'  Catlyn, 2022 Awardee

Tony Catlyn with awards
(Tony Catlyn, 2022 Awardee with his awards)
Working quietly in the background, supermarket retailer Tony Catlyn has assisted families since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with food, clothing, medical care, home renovations, tablets for students, payment of utilities, rent and hurricane supplies. The youth in the community has further benefitted from sponsorships for sports camps and tournaments.