The Barbados Red Cross Society Meals on Wheels Programme
The Barbados Red Cross Society provides supplementary meals to some of Barbados’ more vulnerable residents through its Meals on Wheels Programme (MoW).
The MoW programme has been in operation for almost 60 years, dating back to the establishment of the Red Cross in Barbados in the 1960s.
Warm meals prepared by the Society’s kitchen staff are delivered to the homes of recipients each week by a mix of Volunteer Drivers and Staff and that’s where the 3 Rotary Clubs in Barbados support: we are able provide a supply of volunteer drivers.
The programme’s coverage is not currently island-wide due to limited resources. With COVID 19 protocols observed, the MoW programme continues through the pandemic. 

Currently, meals are provided on 3 routes:
  1. St. James, St. Thomas, and St. Michael
  2. St. Michael
  3. St. George – from the Glebe to Dash Valley