The Back-to-School project seeks to assist at least 50 needy children annually (2021: 61 students) with back to school supplies and a donation of at least 10 laptops to students in need (2021: 13 students).
The project is supported by a partnership with the:
  • Rotary Club of Barbados South (RCBS),
  • Child Care Board, for the names of the needy students, addresses of parents/guardians, and names of the various schools,
  • ABED's, for a participation in the provision of school uniforms and supplies, and
  • Pine Hill Dairy, from their 'Give Back, Twin Pack' promotion.
School Supplies
  • Each student receives a voucher valued at $200 to be presented at ABED's in return for school supplies.
  • RCBS funds 65% ($130) of this cost.
  • ABED's absorbs the remaining 35% ($70) of this cost.
  • The laptops acquired are in accordance with the specifications outlined by the Ministry of Education.
  • Funding for the laptops is from donations received by the club and its members.
The Back-to-School Project is the brainchild of then President Peter Thompson during his 2013-2014 stewardship as he sought to fulfill an identified need.