God loves a cheerful giver.” Indeed, there was lots of love, giving and cheer on the morning of Thursday, April 07, 2022, at the Oistins’ Bus Terminal as Members of the Rotary Club of Barbados South (RCBS) demonstrated Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self by performing a random act of kindness or good deeds.
Under the Zones 33-34 You’ve Been Served Event, Rotarians Carrie-Ann, Terry, Brian, Dion, Shem, Maurice, Kammie and Valerie, answered one such challenge to serve others with kindness.  Armed with their coins as well as those contributions of other Members who could not be physically present, these eight eager “youthful” Rotarians in their striking yellow Rotary T-shirts descended upon the Oistins’ Bus Terminal just before 7:00 a.m. to carry out the “Bus Fare Community Give Back”.  This service initiative which was proposed by Rotarian Carrie-Ann, saw the Members who were present paying it forward in kindness by presenting the fare for one bus ride to eligible commuters.
By the time they were done, approximately 200 hundred commuters had been on the receiving end of RCBS’ gesture of goodwill.  There was more than just the monetary gift however, as the Rotarians also shared uplifting words with the travellers that set the tone for their day. There was also much reciprocity, as after the initial reactions of shock and disbelief exhibited by most of the commuters, many of them expressed their pleasure and showered praise, blessings and well wishes on the Rotarians and the Organization.  Those Members who took part in the activity made comments such as they “felt exhilarated”, “it was nice to brighten somebody’s day”, “it was fulfilling”, “eye opening” and it was a “happiness permeating the whole-body experience”.
Kudos therefore to the Members who made it out to the event. Heartfelt thanks also to all Rotarians for your support, contributions, encouragement, and inspiration.  All will agree that the “Bus Fare Community Give Back” Project was a rewarding and sterling example of Rotarians making a difference in the lives of others! Part 2…uploading. (VQ)