Posted on Aug 23, 2021
President of Rotary Club of Barbados South George Connolly (left) received the artists' donation for St. Vincent from Artsplash Gallery Curator, Lois Crawford.
Barbadian artists have come together to support Vincentians as they continue to grapple with devastation of their crops and livelihoods  from the volcanic eruption four months ago.
“Nothing is back to normal,” the new President of Rotary Club of Barbados South, George Connolly, noted.
For one month artists, many of whom face challenge to sell their work, displayed more than 200 pieces to the public for sale at the Artsplash Gallery on Hastings, Curator Lois Crawford said.
“There are very few artists in the Caribbean who can survive on their art alone,” noted Crawford.
Multimedia artist Martina Pile, under the banner, “One Heart Caribbean”, and curator Crawford banded together with 52 other participating artists to display their work on the inside and outside of the art gallery.  Local musicians provided entertainment, including vocalist and guitarist Willie Kerr of the legendary Merrymen and saxophonist Ian Bishop as well as pannist Mexican.
“We chose St Vincent because of the impact of the volcano,” said Pile. In 2018 artists  under the “One Heart Caribbean” banner raised funds after Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria the year before.
Rotary Club of Barbados South past President Hiranand Thani played a key role in engaging the service club to support the initiative which raised 6, 400 dollars. (HH)